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About us

We are Liliana Andrade, an architect, and Nicolas Roldan, an industrial designer, creators of FRANCA, a brand conceived and developed in two distinct, yet culturally rich cities: Barcelona and Bogotá. From Barcelona we’ve taken Mediterranean, cosmopolitan character – the time devoted to embracing quality of life and the placid rhythm of each day. From Bogotá we’ve taken the energy of an ever-expanding metropolis, blessed with dynamic, driven people who are constantly searching for creative ways to solve everyday problems.

We have a strong background in product design and production using recycled materials – Liliana as master designer and Nicolas as product manager of demano bags. FRANCA represents our vision of functional design. We strongly believe that design and durability must go hand in hand with responsible production. We’ve focused our creative energy on exploring new ways of using existing materials, developing new manufacturing processes and reinterpreting handcrafting techniques. This would be impossible without the collaboration of Colombian artisans who’ve shared their age-old knowledge with us.

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