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Materials & Techniques

We’ve used our passion and experience to develop two exclusive materials.

- Paper Leather -

A soft, resistant, evenly-tanned leather with a paper texture. We’ve worked with chemical engineers to enhance traditional tanning techniques, achieving a light, natural, waterproof finish. To achieve the paper look, whilst maintaining the pliability of the leather, we’ve treated the inner side with a high-quality technical material called Tyvek®. The result is a leather distinct in structure, texture and lightness. FRANCA Paper Leather brings out the natural veins of the skin and, over time, a distinctive patina develops.

- Paper Pet -

a hardwearing, ultra-light, 100% waterproof fabric with a similar texture to Paper Leather but with a sportier, more casual look. Manufactured by a kitesurf brand in Sri Lanka and used exclusively by Franca.

- Our handles -

Colombian artisans weave the handles on our bags using ancient saddle-making skills. We’ve worked with Valentino, an elderly craftsman, to reinterpret a traditional method for weaving horse tacks. Together, we’ve developed strong, soft-touch handles woven in nautical cord – made in Barcelona – and finished with natural leather parchment. All our bags feature the same handle rings. So you can restyle your FRANCA bag with interchangeable handles of different lengths and colors.

- Further details -

The unexpected pairing of waterproof zippers with leather is typical of our contemporary flavour.
The wrist handles on our clutch bags, meanwhile, are made using the age-old macramé technique of weaving knots using waxed threads. This signifies our respect for the past.

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